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ExPert E&P Consultants and affiliated companies stand as an elite firm with ready solutions for today’s complex energy market. Our knowledge comes from a deep understanding of operations, engineering, complex directional drilling, technology, best practices and confidence in people who have extensive industry experience. ExPert can provide this wealth of experience, quality, character and practical knowledge as part of your team.

By assembling a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals in all disciplines, ExPert’s commitment to excellence is second to none and performance is at a level unsurpassed.

Our team has extensive knowledge, proven experience and performance in all areas of operations including deepwater/ultra-deepwater, shelf, inland barge and land both domestically and internationally.

ExPert group has developed into a powerful support team of industry experts and leaders, operating within a strategically coordinated infrastructure to deliver world class performance and maximum value to the industry.

Originally appeared in World Oil® JULY 2016 issue, pgs 77-80. Posted with permission.
The sixth-generation Ocean Blackhawk drillship. Image: Diamond Offshore

The sixth-generation Ocean Blackhawk drillship. Image: Diamond Offshore

On April 27, 2016, Landing String Solutions successfully completed running the industry’s first and only landing string buoyancy weight reduction system. The system was run for Anadarko Petroleum Corporation on the Diamond Ocean Blackhawk, a 6th generation drillship. Almost 19,800′ of 14″ heavy-walled casing was run and landed, in almost 5,900′ of water in the Gulf of Mexico, resulting in an estimated $42 million in savings due to not needing to run additional liner tiebacks.
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